Important People - List of NPCs



Brewery (Ding Dong) – Simon Dell, Sally Dell, Raymond Dell, Young Arthur
Dance Hall – Lilly Teskertin (Calistria) Dex: 17
Inn (Oleg’s Bar) – Svetlana Leveton Cha:15, Oleg (Treasurer) Wis:15
Shop (The Hairy Willow Tree) – Tagert Willow (Halfling), (Chaldira Zuzaristan) – Bad with coin, Insanely Lucky, Always Lighthearted
Shrine – Jhod Kavken (Priest of Erastle) Wis:18
Smithy – Helga Staelhammer (Dwarf)
Stable – Erik Slagg (alias Hammersonn) (Dwarf),
Jack (Speak (Equus caballus) at will)
Tannery – James the tanner (No sense of smell) (Tig Tannersen)
Oleg Leveton – solitude loving frontier trader.
Svetlana Leveton – lovely wife of above (who clearly could have done better!).
Kristina Hadath – Herb-witch extraordinaire.
Akiros Ismort – Paladin/Barbarian who needs to rediscover purpose in life.
Arlong Angar – Half-orc Monk of Shelyn and bane of Catheshal’s life.
Helga Staelhammer – Scandal hit blacksmith with the hots for Finbar.
Flyte – leader of the new population of Ratfolk
Nipper Garibaldi and Gnasher Loren – two Ratfolk spies of Finbar, tasked with disrupting the underground Theives’ Guild activity in the Sewers.

See Also: Oleg’s Trading Post.

Fort Tuskwater:

Castle- Warden: Akiros Ismort (ex. Bandit/ Paladin)
Guard Colonel – Kesten Garess Str:18 Dex:14 Con:16 Int:10 Wis:12 Cha:14 (Second in Commnand of the Army)
Indentured Guards:
Harry Leli (Former Bandit)
Bill Cobber (Former Bandit)
Stengor (Former Caravan Escourt)
Ragnaroth (Former Caravan Escourt)
Kundal – Kellid Tribesman (ex.wolf) Str:17 Dex:16 Con:18 Int:8 Wis:14 Cha:8 (Secret Cavemaster)

Magister: Perlivash (fairy dragon), Tyg-Titter-Tut (Grig)
Councilor: Cristina Hadath, Esmeralda Thacher
Quiet Enforcer: Chief Sootscale (Leader of Kobolds), Second in Command: Mikmek

Granary – Tolman Zakki
Graveyard – Mary Ann,(Dhampir) Pale skin, and slender hands. Artfully prepares the bodies for burial.
Guildhall (Hunter) – Golar Mestreal (Guild Leader)
Inn (The Wet Weasel) -
Jail (Harkons Hold) – Philosopher Jailer
Library – Lubhiz (Dwarf)
Mill (The Miller’s Golden Thumb) – Gobbo Millinari (Corrupt)
Pier – Arven (Fisher)
Shrine – Arlong Angar (Half-Ork) Monk of Shelyn
Town Hall -

Fort Tuskwater:

Captain Iorlov of the Guard – Brave Captain of Army Outreach
Tristan – soldier of Veldenhalm
McTavish – soldier of Veldenham


Old Man of the Greenbelt.
Rose – Brothel owner with an eye on Sir Harkon
Ashyl –Secret priestess of Calistria and brothel employee.
Brekyn – Philanderer Bard (now that SHOULD be an archetype) who ‘loves’ Catheshal.
Fordonal the Thoughtful – Philosophically minded jailor/inquisitor.
Lanli – Catheshal’s deaf maid who spends her time sowing tapestries.
Lubhiz the Librarian – dwarf scholar who thinks the world is round.
Ruup The Red – Bureaucratic bastard.
Wyden the wide – TOWN CRYER!!!!!!! And proud of it.
Other council members? Hag?


Hearth-Father Alderoth – Priest of Erastil.
Ioseph Sellemius – Lord Mayor of Restov.
Thieves Guild: Grandmother, Hammer, Twins, Anna, Kit


Commander Earnest Longshoreman – head cheese.
John Aurelius Kazemeier – Merchant Head Cheese.
Karmic Vain – Spy.
King Engeram Gawyn Rafe – Royal Head Cheese.
Lichtor, Lord Menori Isenhower – Hell-Night Head Cheese.
Father Hessan Helgan – Fat Sorcerer – too much cheese?


Vilille – Shelynite Tattooist.
Surgeon of Suffering – Wicked priest of Zon Kuthon & Catheshal’s brother? Boo-Hiss.

Other People:

Korbi Woods (Drunkard, Logger)
Corax (Logger Leader) Dex: 16 Set:16
Old Beldame (Witch) Cha:20
Garuum (Boggard)
Bokken (Madman)
Jubilost Nathropple Dex: 16
Aritian Fes’helshar (Aasimar)

Tiressia (Dryad), Falchos (Satyr)
Melianse (Nixie)

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Important People - List of NPCs

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