The Long Road of Power

Odyssey - Finbar Page Nine

“Temper, temper!”

That’s what Finbar’s mother had used to say when he was very young. Before she sold him to the dwarves, that is. Warcleric Ragnor had helped him with that. Long excercises of meditations and discipline had not been easy for Finbar. But he had endured. Spirit Ranger Floki had also helped him. And generally, it was only around giants and trolls that he still completely “LOST IT”. But a baby owl bear?

To be true to himself, Finbar didn’t really care about owl bears, and it always seemed better to have less of them in the world than more. He wasn’t as sentimental as the humans about babies. A hunting wolf will go for the weakest in the pack, will it not? But it was the quick temper that was worrying Finbar. He had to keep it under control.

So, he felt quite proud of his own restraint in dealing with the stinking hulking horrible stupid hill giant. Even Ragnor would have been surprised. But these defilers of Droskar….. NO! NO! NO! Not Droskar! Beloved God! How could they? Luckily, Harkon was a man of justice. And a man who also seemed to like a good hot cross pun.

Actually, Finbar didn’t like having to break the finger of his officer. The officer had been doing well in most other things, and it wasn’t HIS fault that the drunken guard was discovered. But Finbar had learned through the Dwarves of Golushkin that discipline must be enforced. So Helga would have some help in the forge for a while. But hopefully the guard would never drink on duty again. And the officer would be extra vigilant.

“Just keep it reel, Finbar!” he thought to himself. “Keep calm…and carry on!” Thank the flaming fires of Droskar that Catheshal had kept him in check. Yes, justice must prevail! But less of the temper, he mused. The Hot Cross Sons of Droskar served better than the lethal leprosy of veridian glass cutting off heads in fury. There was a lesson to be learned there.

Nuff said.

Odyssey - Finbar Page Eight
The Brevoy Comma

Thanks to Catheshal, I am now at the stage where I start refining my writing. And it’s not always easy, I can assure you. Today, I am coming to gripps with the importance of the Brevoy Comma. Cathy says this is often left out by poor writers, thus causing strange misundrstandings at times.

Basically, it is the comma that is placed in a list of three things before the last item. The example she gave is:

“I love my parents, Droskar and Helga.”

Now without the Brevoy Comma, one could easily misundrstand the sentance above as meaning that I love my parents AND my parents are Droskar and Helga. As you know, this is not the case, so placing the Brevoy Comma:

“I love my parents, Droskar, and Helga.”

See? Confusion removed. I don’t know how true the statement is though. Actually, I hate my parents, quite like Helga and revere Droskar.

Nuff Said!

Odyssey - Finbar Page Seven

The months slide past quickly and with constant daily martial training and getting fool marks in my weekly spelling test for the first time ever, I feel it is time to start concentrating on the magick.

There is no doubt that the rest of the party are very well imprest when I meditate for ten minutes to commune with birds, but I feel I need to start showing them some of the other magickle powers of the Spirit Ranger. I hope they won’t mind missing out on those birds too much.

Olegsburg is coming along nicely. Young Kesten Garess has a keen attitude, yet sometimes too keen, I feel. I will need to keep an eye on him. Nuntheless, Droskar would be so pleased that we have been able to save the souls of some of these bandits by giving them the chance to be real soldiers in defence of our new lands.

We have a day off tomorrow after some hefty exploration adventuring. I think I will pop in for a visit to the brewery and see how it fairs.

Nuff Sed!

Lessons in writing - Finbar
with the help of Catheshal


Koff is cough.
Bow is bough.
Threw is through.
Ruff is rough.

Ah, I give up…….

Odyssey - Finbar Page Six

Oh Droskar Droskar quite revealed,
see how these bandi’ts fates are sealed.
Sivilisashun riding high,
We clens the land
and offir hand
of frendship
to those who would not die,
but instead work with us to build a grate land.
Is that so hard to understand?

This poim was by Finbar. Nuff sed.

Odyssey - Finbar Page Five

Free at last. That is how I feel. Heavy burden lifted. Dett repayed. And so we travel into the hinterland. Ritt says we have power to deal with bandits. And bandits there bee. We confirm this with the outpost runners. They seem like onnest humans. Boldly do those bandits ride in, and boldly are they dispachd. Wun was kept. We asked him kwestions. We lernned about a wicked woman. He seemed a good man but it was decided no mercy for bandits so I asked him if he wanted to convay any last wurds to Droskar. He was quite rude. I delivverd justice in the name of the Kingdom. Nuff sed by Finbar.

Nothing of consequence and an old 'friend'

Over the next week the Hellknight Spellcaster used earthquakes to collapse all fissures along the road, sealing any remaining goblinoids underground.
Within the week after the fissures collapse, news arrived that the Hellknights had successfully taken the Fortress City of Bori and the Archduke had also been killed in the fighting.

At the end of that same week, Karmic Vain (Kazemiers eyes and ears) arrives, as per his usual, walking past all guards completely unnoticed and talking directly to each individual party member. Giving a letter of thanks from Kazemier and a full clearance of any dept with a chit of credit. You feel a weight lifted from your collected shoulders that you never even realized was there.

The letter also indicated that opportunities were arising from within the nation of Brevoy (a region caravans will pass through) to partake in a taming project of unclaimed lands to the south of Brevoy, known as the Stolen Lands. Although he muses as to why that is, as in his living memory, no-one had ever truly claimed it for themselves. If interested your to let Karmic know and he’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Odyssey - Finbar Page Four

Deep and unsettling, this place of haff light and haff life. Deddly Gostes. Strange gleemings. Moving wolls. Yes. Moving wolls. I wait to be sure, reddying my greatsword. But this is my undoing. Silver screems shatter my ears and make me stagger around like a drunken giant, helpless and vunnerabill. Giant silver wyrm attack!

And then I am hit. Unconshus! But we’ve got a good team hear. They get me out and we leave the place. Back to the fort. They offer us magic whispers and the nome and paladin say no? What kind of kings will they make? No, maybe we need a kween?

Anyway, Owlbears! I fukkin hate owlbears! Nuff sed by Finbar.

Odyssey - Finbar Page Three

Stares! There be plenty in Golushkin, but nun like this. Filled with savage shadow. Goste, yet not goste; and so many two! Bizzier than a dig root to a mithral mine! And at the bottom: More of them two! Hard to tell witch ones are real and witch are not. Droskar give me strength!

Everywhere we go, these gostes appear: Duergar gostes mainly, but a giant wyrm hits me two. Thanks bee to that songstress with the wand of fisical repair. But at last we find a secret room with some decent booty. Hunnied wine will be good for those long nites to cum. Nuff sed by Finbar.

Musings of Pipe Smoking Gnome

Taur_uin_Taur_Avatar.jpg "Well that was inconvenient. Where was I? Oh aye… A chicken, mushrooms, butter, garlic and maybe some thyme. That sounds about right.


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