The Long Road of Power

290 Points of Damage

The Deadliest Round

Finbar Garess charged into the chamber to what seemed to be the most resplendent of the dwarven aberrations manipulating the void that was destroying the home of his kin, the Golushkin Dwarves. “This was not a real dwarf,” he told himself as his mighty Veridian blade swept through the air and then through the enemy himself….without so much as a drop of blood splashed. As the great two handed sword arced through the air, the outline of his enemy shimmered in a haze that could only be some sort of displacement protection.

Taking a moment, Finbar activated the TRUE SEEING ability of the Oculus of the Cyclop Lich, but in that very moment, Varik, who had positioned himself into a dangerous flanking position, fell victim to the huge maw of the aberration, and disappeared into nothing. Swallowed whole!

While Harkon fired deadly arrows, Lady Catheshal sang songs of power, and Harry burned deadly fury into the room. Finbar could see the monster clearly now through his purple eye. With a lightining fast cry to Droskar, the ranger stood erect in a stance that seemed to soak up the very power of the Dwarven God into his whole physical presence.

Not once, but four times, his shoulders rippled with power as the greatsword fell upon the dwarven enemy like a cleaver through jelly. The first sweep clove the head in twain, as evil blood erupted from the creature into the air. In a brutally graceful move the sword slid out and swept round in a cleaving motion to take the lower left leg and slice the groin. Again the weapon slid out and again it arced round, cutting deep into the back of the creature as it span round from the force of the previous blow. “By Droskar!” Finbar shouted, as he jumped up into the air and swept his blade into a full revolution to cleave the evil body in two, creating a top and bottom that separated from each other and slipped to the ground.

Only mounds of flesh and visceral horror remained after the final deadly blow. And Varik, lying whimpering on the floor, returned from the extra dimensional stomach that had now been completely obiterated. But the game was not over yet…


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