Finnigan Superpigeon

This book looks old and frayed. It's definitely seen better days.



Intelligent Obsession log and Spellbook

Eager, Tentacled Touch, Unassuming, Addictive, Hallucinogenic (during 2hour)

Most of the time, Finnigan remains dormant around others he doesn’t know. Instead he’ll use his time to think of ways to mess with them, yourself included. For you it will take form in an ever changing bookcover.

Sight: When he choses to see beyond the confines of your bag, sight can be manifested from your left eye, during these times it turns Crimson.

Rest: Six hours sleep constitutes a full nights rest however one hour must be spent writing and another reading over the course of the day. Preferably just before or just after sleep.

Speech: Knows all languages known by the party, prone to outrageous lies, telepathy within 60ft, although this manifests like a decidedly unpleasant whisper in your ear rather than your mind. Goes through fits of spouting gnomish gibberish and becomes mischievous with this power when bored.

Verocious Bookworm: If given the chance will eat almost any form of literature. Magic Scrolls included (acts like read magic for magic literature), they taste like rainbows, not maths however due to a bitter aftertaste. Is also highly jealous of any other book you read, except if said book is made a ‘gift’. (Can replicate any devoured text.)

Curse of Obsession: You become fixated on whatever whimsical desires the book currently has (Will DC10 negates). It always enjoys exploring, (+2 Guide Profession) also acts as an Obsession log for purposes of benefits.

Ghost Sound: DC16 at will.
As you level there will be opertunities to improve your affinity/ relationship with him opening up abilities for you to use yourself.

Translocation: With enough power Finnigan can “consume” people and allow them entry into his realm of existance.

Finnigan Superpigeon


Claims to be the spellbook of the legendary wizard Filishar Fidgetfingers a great number of years ago. However this is but one of the many tales it has told over the years. Another time he told you he was once an elder red dragon and again (in the same week in fact) he was actually an illithid in hiding from the fay fairy cake association. Although it has proven it can cast spells, it point blank refuses to do so when asked and may even cause hindrance, at a most inconvenient time, for the offence then again it could do this out of sheer boredom.

Finnigan Superpigeon

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