(Veldenhalm) John Aurelius Kazemier

Lord of the Golden-Hand, Master of Trade


John Aurelius Kazemier, Master of Trade, Lord of the Golden-Hand, with a mercantile empire spanning most of the known world; having investments somewhere within the rest of it as well, no doubt. Lords, Kings, Emperors and Counsels almost universally count themselves lucky he has no interest in owning his own Kingdom; for it is said he could just buy one for right under their feet. For Gold rules all but the staunchest of men!

Although Human, according to the rumors, he has been alive for almost 300 years and has reportedly been trading through three Ascension wars and one revolution, within the satrap state of Veldenhalm (Velden-Hall-m) within the westernmost of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh. The Veldenhalm Royals and Merchant Lords officially report only to the king and his retainers in their trading and endeavours. Unofficially, as the undisputed Master of Trade all the merchants report to Kazamier before undertaking any extreme or questionable ventures. Although disliking the attention his position grants him, he views it as another necessary evil to continue his own work.

Common knowledge: He had a personal hand in the reorganization of the Kingdom after the last ascension war, some 50 years ago, brought it to the brink of bankruptcy and collapse.

It is said that he is so rich, the very primal energies of magic bend at the knee of his every whim.

Lately his personal caravans and retainers and been reportedly moving vast quantities of weapons, siege equipment and other items throughout the kingdom, it is also rumored he is suffering from an illness.

(Veldenhalm) John Aurelius Kazemier

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