The Long Road of Power

Odyssey - Finbar Page Six

Oh Droskar Droskar quite revealed,
see how these bandi’ts fates are sealed.
Sivilisashun riding high,
We clens the land
and offir hand
of frendship
to those who would not die,
but instead work with us to build a grate land.
Is that so hard to understand?

This poim was by Finbar. Nuff sed.


A poem! Now this is progress Finbar. See my point about language and dance? You will soon. Have an ale.

Odyssey - Finbar Page Six

I see. Thank’s

Odyssey - Finbar Page Six

Sivilisashun? He spells as well as Ursus…

Odyssey - Finbar Page Six
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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