The Long Road of Power

Odyssey - Finbar Page Five

Free at last. That is how I feel. Heavy burden lifted. Dett repayed. And so we travel into the hinterland. Ritt says we have power to deal with bandits. And bandits there bee. We confirm this with the outpost runners. They seem like onnest humans. Boldly do those bandits ride in, and boldly are they dispachd. Wun was kept. We asked him kwestions. We lernned about a wicked woman. He seemed a good man but it was decided no mercy for bandits so I asked him if he wanted to convay any last wurds to Droskar. He was quite rude. I delivverd justice in the name of the Kingdom. Nuff sed by Finbar.


Finbar darling, put down the ale a moment.

You know when you swing that sword of yours it is all one fluid motion? Swoosh, boom, ooft!

That is what your speech should be, like a dance. Come let’s dance a while and I’ll teach you how to be fluid with speech? Syntax and punctuation, spelling even!

Oh my, you have two left feet…

Odyssey - Finbar Page Five

We never did this with the dwarves….

Odyssey - Finbar Page Five
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