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Odyssey - Finbar Page Eight

The Brevoy Comma

Thanks to Catheshal, I am now at the stage where I start refining my writing. And it’s not always easy, I can assure you. Today, I am coming to gripps with the importance of the Brevoy Comma. Cathy says this is often left out by poor writers, thus causing strange misundrstandings at times.

Basically, it is the comma that is placed in a list of three things before the last item. The example she gave is:

“I love my parents, Droskar and Helga.”

Now without the Brevoy Comma, one could easily misundrstand the sentance above as meaning that I love my parents AND my parents are Droskar and Helga. As you know, this is not the case, so placing the Brevoy Comma:

“I love my parents, Droskar, and Helga.”

See? Confusion removed. I don’t know how true the statement is though. Actually, I hate my parents, quite like Helga and revere Droskar.

Nuff Said!


I wish my English teacher had made it this clear

Odyssey - Finbar Page Eight

Your English teacher probably wasn’t a bard, though….

Odyssey - Finbar Page Eight
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