The Long Road of Power

Nothing of consequence and an old 'friend'

Over the next week the Hellknight Spellcaster used earthquakes to collapse all fissures along the road, sealing any remaining goblinoids underground.
Within the week after the fissures collapse, news arrived that the Hellknights had successfully taken the Fortress City of Bori and the Archduke had also been killed in the fighting.

At the end of that same week, Karmic Vain (Kazemiers eyes and ears) arrives, as per his usual, walking past all guards completely unnoticed and talking directly to each individual party member. Giving a letter of thanks from Kazemier and a full clearance of any dept with a chit of credit. You feel a weight lifted from your collected shoulders that you never even realized was there.

The letter also indicated that opportunities were arising from within the nation of Brevoy (a region caravans will pass through) to partake in a taming project of unclaimed lands to the south of Brevoy, known as the Stolen Lands. Although he muses as to why that is, as in his living memory, no-one had ever truly claimed it for themselves. If interested your to let Karmic know and he’ll make the necessary arrangements.


I know we need to say ‘yes’ to do the adventure, but I personally want nothing to do with the merchant. He used an enchantment on us and that is equivalent to a form of forcing us to do his bidding. Long and short of it.


So, just to be absolutely crystal clear: Is our debt re: True Resurrection now regarded as having been been paid?

Finbar probably doesn’t feel quite as strongly as Cathesal. He will say “YES” to “opportunities arising”.

twiggyleaf Dragathorian

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