The Long Road of Power

Home Sweet Home!

Field Marshal Report to Lord Harkon

I must commend the council’s warskills on the recent venture that you were unable to attend. In a recent skirmish against a deadly giant slug on a dangerous hillside ledge, I took the unprecedented step of standing back and unsheathing no weapon in combat. Instead, I looked upon this as an opportunity to test the mettle and guile of the party, and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed.

Although some of the group members, particularly Varik, but even the Lady Catheshal, looked askance at me (as if I had gone insane…or worse), I stood my ground and stood by my decision, and am happy to say that, even without my help, the group delivered, and the slug was thrown down from a high place and broke the mountainside where he smote it in his ruin.

I exaggerate the result somewhat, but suffice to say, the group performed admirably and I feel my inaction was thereby justified. You should not fear that this will be a commonly re-occurring event. Droskar knows, I am not one to hold back in a fight, but even with the lesser soldiers, it is my way to spring surprises on them, to keep them on their toes; so I treat this as a necessary field test, which, now being passed, can be put to rest and not repeated in the near future.

I feel sure you will agree with me and would also recommend that we give some sort of medal or award to the party members. Perhaps, just to seem fair, we should honour the whole group, including ourselves. Star of Droskar would be a good idea. Or even Medallion of Erastil. Or Ribbon of Saranrae.

I would also report that I have initiated some disciplinary training in some of the outlying outposts we encountered. A group of soldiers challenged us without recognising any of us. I must say, we must have been a bit grubbier than usual, but even so….how many rangers in the wild evince such a strange eye as mine. Notwithstanding, altough some would say “they were only doing their job”, I found their manner to be a bit too “enthusiastic” and, putting myself in the situation of a travelling citizen, their manner seemed a little too close to abuse.

As such, I have despatched a Baker’s Dozen of the guard under young Corporal Cobber (you may remember him as one of the early bandits we redeemed – a shining example of how adversity can be turned to political gain) to give some training in finesse and public relations in some of these outlying areas. I for one, am all too aware of the need to be vigilant; but I also feel that our own tax paying citizens should be free to trade between the towns and outposts of our realm.

While in town, I intend to look into the works being carried out in the sewers, and I intend to spring a few spot traps on the men at watch. But may I also say, it is good to be back.



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