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Rough Stability Entry

(Each link should have full city breakdown, unique page each? Combine all into one page and hyperlink w/ full breakdown?)

1. Olegsberg (Link)
Description w/ history

2. Fort Tuskwater Bastion (Link)
Description w/ history

3. Tatzel Ford(Link)
Description w/ history

4. Varnhold (Link)
Description w/ history

(Link to own page, have link to Cities and People at bottom)

Rulers (Link)
(List – positions – class – Name – Link)

Important/Notable People(Link)
Highlights, Most important, i.e. plot relevant

Citizens/Building Owners (Link Only, will be linked to citys as well? Yes attach link to each building and city name back to relevant city)

Other People/Creatures (Link)

Enter the Murky Waters of PC Relations with NPC’s if ye dare!

Past and Present( History and Current Link page)

Active/Current Quest
List of current

Interesting Encounters and Alternate Plots (Ask GM???)

The Long Road of Power

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