Oleg's Trading Post

Oleg’s Trading Post is located at the southern edge of Rostland (and thus Brevoy). To the south, the green line of the Narlmarches looms only a few miles away. Owned and operated by Oleg Leventon and his wife Svetlana, the trading post’s remote location and inconvenient distance from a major river have prevented it from realizing significant financial success thus far. Oleg, however is just fine with this preferring the relative isolation it’s remote location provides.


Oleg’s trading post is surrounded by a wooden palisade that stands 10 feet high. At each corner of the palisade are 20-footsquare watchtowers, each armed with a run-down catapult left over from the site’s original use as a border fort. These catapults are in no condition to be fired, and repairing them would take many weeks of work—they’ll be no use against the soon-to-arrive bandits as a result. There’s one entrance through the palisade—a 30-foot-wide wooden gate. It’s a DC 15 Climb check to scale the walls of the palisade.

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Oleg's Trading Post

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