"The dents and scratches give her all the more character ma boy!", Unknown Dwarven chronicler to his apprentice.

musical instrument

A stange instrument with many gauges, screws, pipes, stings and paddles on the back and front.

Incredibly hard to master playing and harder yet to tune as even moving one meter requires an entire retune of the instrument. Each and every location requires a unique set-up of its own to get the correct resonance for use. However although not magical, these instruments are said to bring about miracles


A dwarven instrument, rare even among the Dwarven holds. Only the most honored and skilled chroniclers, bards and historians use these magnificent creations. It is said a master only starts training his apprentice after his 1st ten years of training. Then he must recite, by memory, the entire history of his clan without fault, this alone can take many moons. As the next test he will spend atleast ten years mastering the instrument only giving his 1st public performance when his Master is convinced he can bring no shame to the ancestors in the stone. Finaly the piece played must be one of the apprentices own creation and utilise all the skill he has ascertained over his education. A saying among the holds with Master Chroniclers.

“There are no Novices, Only Masters”

The instrument was designed to use in spaces that echo, using the walls of caverns, corridors, caves even forests as massive resonance chambers. It is used for both music and storys. Playing cords and beating the small paddles to create thunder, rain, screams roars, truly almost any sound, allowing captive audiences to truly visualise the tales being told.

When used for music the sound is hauntingly beautiful fading in and out, crossing musical rhythms in a river of music. Eventually causing the areas they are played to sing back at the player in a unique voice. It was said that one Master could cause cause volcanoes to calm and re-enter their restful sleep. So legendary are the Masters of this instrument that he could walk through battling clans into the center of the maelstrom unharmed. Sit tune his instrument and start playing to bring the entire battle to a halt, bringing an end to the petty feud.


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