Blessed +1 Celestial mithral Rapier

weapon (melee)

Celestial mithral is a form of mithral blessed by the divine power of the dwarven gods. It is a silvery, luminescent metal that is lighter than steel but just as hard.

Celestial mithral has all the properties of mithral but celestial mithral weapons count as silver and good for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, affecting regeneration, and vulnerability to silver and good. If a creature’s damage reduction can be overcome by silver and/or good, regeneration stops functioning due to a silver/good attack, and/or those vulnerable to silver/good takes half again as much damage (+50%) from a celestial mithral weapon (additional dice damage, such as that from a burst special ability or sneak attack damage, is not increased).



And so the rapier was complete, a true work of art: intricate rose motifs in the hand and knuckle guard curved round to the pommel, sweepings that had thorns etched into them continued the flower motif all the way onto the ricasso of the blade. The forte again had intricate tracings of roses spiraling along the true and false edge of the weapon until they disappeared on the debole close to the blade’s true point. The dwarven rune for ‘R’ was hidden in the etching. The handle was bound in white leather and the balance of the weapon best suited a small human man or a woman. The mithril shone with a near holy purity and always seemed to catch the sun, welcoming its light with a dazzle.

Catheshal was delighted with the weapon and named it ‘Swish’.


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