Laskar's Bloodied Journal


Entry 1: Young human dared approach me today, said he had the job of a lifetime. Normally I’d give him the thrashing of his life but ma gut told me not to and he’s an old ally if ever there was one, we ’ll see tomorrow.

Entry 2.1: Talked down from a dam horse, all superior, flowery, soft but he was right, a right easy job, dispatching some other nobles (and they say we’re cutthroat). Will leave killing him till later, after he pays what’s promised.

Entry 2.2 :This runt must really have a grudge has it all planned out, gonna rile em up with his people till they run and we’re to cut em down, vicious bastard of a plan I approve. Gonna get the household panicking, jumping at assassins in every corner and when they run… well.

Entry 3: Shit he works fast, wasn’t expecting it ta happen so fast we’re hitting em tonight. Given us guard profiles, family descriptions and all we loot is ours on top of the pay, only condition is we make em scream. My kinda guy. Only wants the Family head alive, the rest ‘use your imagination’.

Entry 4 1: Well now I can live the good life, seriously the amount of gold within the waggons. Can live the easy life of a king now, then there’s the pay from the man of the day himself. Damned old man and his guard fought like a pack of deamons mind. Lost five of our number, that just means more gold for me in the end though, a good night.

Entry 4.2: Had a hell of a time keeping the boys from killing the old bastard, sure knows how to rile em up to a boil, had to put Reltar down… hard. Amazing the things you notice when your not trying to kill everything, I think our employer just despatched his own family.

Entry 5: I’d underestimated this boy, behind that soft voice and pretty visage is a real monster. I’ve seen things in my time, done most of em too but he’s the real deal. Never heard a man scream like that before, so… pure. Never did find the body.

Entry 6: Seems like he’s removing anything related to his past, but with the amount of gold we’re raking in I really don’t care. After three other ambushes Vasgall finally cracked, probably the screaming, charged the kid as he left his tent, clean as always. The movements were graceful, fluid, whole thing only lasted seconds, but it’s left me wanting… more. It’s like he knows how to hurt people in the most gruesome way. Leave them dangling on the edge but never letting them tip into the abyss. Left him twitching in a heap for the Jackles.

Entry 7 (Several years later): Been a long time since I last opened this, well I guess as a ‘Lord’ such things are beneath me. Heard Reeth fell from a cliff the other week, just got the message. I’d find it hilarious if he hadn’t been the best damned climber I’d ever met. How many battles has he started by dropping a few dozen feet into the unsuspectings back of idiots?

Entry 8: I’ll need to discover what in blazes is going on out there. Both Willis and Phendar died reasently. One murdered by his childhood friend, a garret wire from behind no less and the other burned alive in his own house, family still inside. Still not heard back from Crow or Jailer either. Mighty suspicious.

Entry 9: Our old benefactors back… and gods above he is beautifully terrifying. His very presence was enough to make my flunkies collapse. Apparently we missed someone, left some girl alive and SHE’s been knocking us off. WELL this time I’ll finish it. Boss even gave me this wicked chain to use, time to work aye?

(One year later)

Entry 10: Master has arranged a place to lay lo while I exact my sweet retribution. Never thought I’d meet someone as unnerving as our geat Master. Beautiful and terrible. Has us stirring up slaughter throughout the city.

Entry 11: Apparently I have a final gift to be granted by Master tonight, he’ll be working through the faithful again.


Laskar's Bloodied Journal

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