(The Greenbelt) Oleg Leveten

Strongly built and rough of temperament, a good man at heart


The trading post’s remote location and inconvenient distance from a major river has prevented it from realising significant financial success. This is fine with Oleg, who in truth decided to move to such a remote location to get away from the constant machinations and political manoeuvrings that dominated urban life in Restov.

All Oleg ever really wanted with his trading post was a place for him and his wife to live far enough from the sins of civilisation without living so far that he couldn’t enjoy all of its benefits. Accepting a ridiculously good deal from the Lord Mayor to rebuild an abandoned border fort into a trading post seemed like the perfect solution.

The recent arrival of many new faces to The Greenbelt has him worried that his dreams of peace are forever over. However he cannot deny the rapidly increasingly stability. He also appreciates the decent company for his wife as secretly he worries about her youth and having no one else of her age to talk with.

(The Greenbelt) Oleg Leveten

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