(Greenbelt) Old Man

Wiry and a mad glint in his eyes, Welcome to the Greenbelt


Titles – Old Man
Alignment – All
Race/Species - All
Class – All
Gender – Male
Homeland – Zielonym Pasie


In The Greenbelt many an oddball exists, hermits, witches, bandits, but one rumour exists above them all. The Old Man, it is said that even walking in the same forest as him will cause miracles to fall at your feel, However Beware Dream Chaser As You Should Be Careful What You Wish For!

There existed a small, xenophobic kingdom, cut off from the rest of the world some several thousand years ago. In this kingdom existed an ageing king with no heir and no trust, nor love for his subjects. He asked the gods to grant him immortality so he may rule for all eternity, they turned him away, stating that all creatures have their time.

He turned to the devils in their burning halls, they too would not grant his request, lusting after aught but his soul and power. Oh they offered to extend his life, maybe even until his empire was dust under their indirect dominion. He sealed the vile creatures with a burst of power sending them cursing back the Hells below.

Finally he sought the Eldest, ancient and powerful rivalling even the gods in their quiet ways. However none would even deign to acknowledge his plea, ignoring and even hindering him when the occasion arose. Tired and defeated the old king plunged into despair.

With one final probe, with barely a breath of power, he felt a small rift of magic, full to overflowing with the carnal energies, beyond those even of the elemental plains. Desperate and fearing the consequences of failure…

Where was I oh yes, wasn’t it your turn to tell me a tale!

(Greenbelt) Old Man

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