Lubhiz the Librarian

A studious and distracted dwarf with a sudden and surprising recollection of the most obscure details...


Lubhiz took a look at the empty room, a new shell full of potential. A cellar as well as plenty of room for shelves and the window also showed a small un-kept area of land behind the building, enough to expand the building as required.

“It will take hard work and vision to transform this into a centre of learning Lubhiz, but I am sure that you have all the requisite qualities. Also you will find fewer people with…’closed minds’ here and will be left to continue your studies in peace.”

“This is perfect Lady Catheshal, you are too generous. And I in turn swear that I will bring no trouble to you. My past is in the past. I shall begin transferring the entirety of my collection immediately.”

“Yes, regarding the past, I would not speak to any council members about that, at least not until they know you, some are of quite a ‘conservative’ mind-set… I will stress to them that you are a great scholar and that we are fortunate to have attracted you here. You wish only for a quiet place to focus on your studies, whilst we gain someone who will compile a comprehensive library of local lore and history for us.”

“A small price to pay for a labour of love.”

“Oh and between you and I, a Pharasman clerk, Severeseren, will be sending me miscellaneous volumes of local histories for my private perusal. I may occasionally also receive other volumes.”

“Always were one for secrets my lady, but of course, my lips are sealed.”


Lubhiz the Librarian

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