(Veldenhalm) Lictor, Lord Menori Isenhower

Imposing, dominates any room upon entry


Titles – Lictor and Arch Duke
Alignment – Lawfull Neutral
Race/Species - Human
Class – ??? /Hell Knight Commander 10
Gender – Male
Homeland – Veldenhalm

Lictor of the Order of Vice the Hellknights inhabiting Veldenhalm and a lord of a lesser Household in his own right, soon to be promoted to archduke for his services over the years as well as alto of political maneuvering. For years he’s been pushing the Hellknights into a recognized law keeping force throughout the kingdom, the troubles in the west have proved an excellent opportunity for him to extend his goals further.

Having known John since he was young he is utterly dedicated to the man and is one of his few confidantes in the realities facing the Valdenhalm and the rest of the world.

As feared as he is respected, he himself is a force of reckoning despite his advanced years and is considered almost peerless in combat. However due to his rank he rarely gets to see any real action these days. Instead relying on his students to uphold the Orders commandments.


(Veldenhalm) Lictor, Lord Menori Isenhower

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