Catheshal's maid


“Lanli? Oh, I met her ages ago. Interesting story, would you like to hear?

She was the only child of a merchant, spoilt rotten, but then one day her father and mother died in an accident. She was only young and was taken into the care of an uncle. Now this uncle liked to drink and he swiftly drank away the fortune that Lanli should have inherited. He was also violent and beat poor Lanli and that accounts for her loss of hearing, these days she is quite deaf and still quite troubled by the memory of him. She can be somewhat nervous around men.

And this is also where I come in. You see her uncle had a secret, he was a worshipper of Zon-Kuthon and it was I who publically exposed this as well as the crimes he had committed. A paladin ran him through. Now this left Lanli with no kin, deaf and with no means of support. The church of Shelyn took pity on her and she worked in the temples where she mended the worn out robes, fabrics and curtains.. Now she works for me. I say maid but really she doesn’t do much, too busy sewing see? She is quite brilliant with a needle, albeit she has a dark mind-set. I think she sees the world differently.

And so now I have a maid who spends more time sewing than being a maid and I don’t mind that. She has her freedom, some security, my friendship and we write notes when we need to communicate. Somewhat perversely it is also good to have someone I cannot easily charm with sudden compliments around me. But if you see her in town, just smile and be friendly, she will get used to you."



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