(Veldenhalm) Karmic Vain

(Kazemiers eyes and ears), Easy to miss when looking right at him.


Titles – Shade of the Unseen Hand
Alignment – True Neutral
Race/Species - Human
Class – ???
Gender – Male
Homeland – Veldenhalm

A man approaching his twilight years and a faithful servant of John Kazemier, he is the eyes and ears for tasks deemed too important for anyone else to handle.

He has a dry and dark sense of humor, finding amusement in even in the darkest cesspits churned out by humanity, in his lifetime he’s been everywhere and done everything. Dragged out of the criminal underworld by Kazamier as a child, he’s always given the man thanks, never doubting his cause or faltering in step.

His unexpected soft spot is for orphans and street children, knowing full well of the life it can lead too. His petitions were monumental in the construction of the Orphanages in all major towns and cities. With options of further education and military training later in life, should they so chose.

(Veldenhalm) Karmic Vain

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