(Restov) Ioseph Sellemius

Lord Mayor of Restov


Titles – Lord Mayor of Restov
Alignment – True Neutral
Race/Species - Human
Class – Aristocrat 2 / Bard 5
Gender – Male
Homeland – River Kingdoms

Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius rules in the Free City of Restov as its current Lord Mayor. Although Restov is called a Free City, its Lord Mayor must still obey dictates from Brevoy’s throne to a point.

He views most mandates from the crown to merely be suggestions and will only adhere to them in the loosest of terms. He does this out of a desire to maintain the delicate balance within his boarder city between the Nobles and Trade houses that call Restov home. With caravans now traveling from Valdenhalm again after over 100 years, it’s more important than ever that he keeps a level head.

He arrived in the city a minor, nameless noble and in less then 10 years of political crusading the prudent, knowledgeable and efficient Ioseph was able to forge several alliances with influential nobles and traders of Rostland, at the same time his no nonsense demeanor and determination when dealing with bandit raiders earned him respect of Swordlords and their scions. By his 15th year of arriving in the city, Ioseph was the chancellor of Restov. Two more years and he earned the position of Lord Mayor, which he since occupied for 8 years straight.

Not having a history in the city, no large enterprise behind him and no close blood with largest noble houses made him the ideal candidate for the positions of power, he proved to keep the nobles in check, finding middle ground, playing judge, never giving any real leverage to one house or ruling body over another. In both trade and foreign politics he is known to try and balance and negotiate the best possible deal. He’s known for being open to new ideas.


(Restov) Ioseph Sellemius

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