(Greenbelt) Helga Staelhammer the Blacksmith

When Arus Staelhammer’s wife died he was heartbroken and vowed never to wed again, he also vowed to raise their nine children, eight sons and one daughter. He had intended that Helga, his daughter look after the home but it transpired that she was the best blacksmith of all his children and so he raised them all the same (except the youngest Lufik, who seemed happier with housework, but then he always was an odd one…)

All went well, his sons growing and marrying (all except Lufik who didn’t seem much interested in such things..) and his daughter became his principle assistant (her being the best smith and scaring most of the young men of the village with her physique) until one day a group of adventurers came to the village.

Into the smithy walked two of their number, both human, a hulk of a man with a dwarven accent and a flamboyant beautiful blonde woman (and looking at her Arus for a moment regretted his vow of faithfulness to his late wife…) After arranging for some routine armour repairs they left, but his daughter’s work was suddenly quite erratic throughout the remainder of that day. As they were about to close the shop, the blonde woman returned and invited them to the Inn for the evening.

There was song and dance, Arus wishing he was twenty years younger as he and his sons took turns to dance with the blonde bard (all except Lufik who seemed to want to talk with the mysterious elf…) Helga however seemed to want to sit with the Ranger, one Finbar Garess, who was good company and as they got drunker they sang dwarven drinking songs together. Eventually the realisation dawned on Arus that his daughter might be becoming a woman…

Since then the blonde bard has repeatedly called in on Helga and she has met with Finbar on several occasions, his daughter began taking more care of her appearance( becoming almost as gentle as Lufik!) This culminated in an offer to Arus to set up a family blacksmiths in the new town of Olegsberg. It would be staffed by Helga and the bard, Catheshal, promised she would look after her. Arus agreed on condition that he receives a share of the profits and that he checks in on his daughter whenever he feels the need to.

Helga grew up the only female in a large male family. She enjoyed working in the smithy and didn’t show much interest in boys or males until one day when Finbar Garess walked into her father’s smithy. Since then she has been under the tutelage of the bard Catheshal in order to pursue her courtship of Finbar. She is shy and socially awkward but a very physically powerful woman who finds her ideal means of expression through her smith-work. She hopes one day to take the ranger in her arms and start a family with him. Lufik, close to his sister, has also moved to Olegsburg with Helga and tends for their house there.


(Greenbelt) Helga Staelhammer the Blacksmith

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