The Long Road of Power

Farms and a Wrecking Ball


Upon leaving the cottage the group continued on their way to the outlying farms. The first two greeted the party fearfully, giving assurances of timely delivery of supply shipments to the Fortress. Catheshal in her element, soothing fears and washing doubt away with smiles and assurances. With Harkon giving the hard line of law for protectorate and protected guarantees. The next two farms unfortunately proved a bust with all evidence of having been abandoned, however the buildings being intact, it was noted, made resettlement an attractive option.

The third farm was also looking to be in a similar state when the group was ambushed while exploring the barn.The mighty Finbar Garess, raised by dwarves, identified the attackers to be Duergar. The darkened and twisted kin of the Dwarves.

A short battle commenced where the lovely Catheshal was struck down by the Captain of these vile beings. Finbar (previously enlarged) bravely, smote deeply into the Captain causing him to flee to a higher level. Finbar first ensured that the good Lady was in no immediate danger before giving persute, issuing oaths of vengeance for the fair maiden. Stating that quicksand nor poor weather would stop his vengeance. He would track him valiantly for a thousand years if need be! Upon reaching the top floor he found it deserted, with a rope hanging from a hook lodged deep in the window sill. Determined to catch this brigand he surveyed his surroundings carefully, sure his prey was near. Sure enough, he felt a rush of air go past him and out the window, giving a mighty swing of his Great Blade but alas catching nothing but air.

A lesser man may have looked out the window and concluded the a 50ft drop was too far a fall. Was he a lesser man? NAY said he as he lept from the window, NAY I am a man raised by dwarves and no bout of newtonian law may hold me smitten with fear! Dropping down in persute of the dastardly villain. As over a ton of Finbar hit the ground the most peculiar sensations ran though his feet. The squeal of a piglet, the feel of stomping on overripe tomatoes and a softer landing than expected was his greeting at the bottom. He looked down in bewilderment, to behold what looked like an explosion of red paint. Dawning hit as he realised that this, was his nemesis, he felt a slight twinge of sadness as he realised his epic persute was never to be.

One scout was still alive and was later to be interrogated by Catheshal in the most brutal ways known to mankind. In searching the area a child was found, who was discovered to be an escaped captive of a Duergar base further to the east. Wisely concluding that a battle was no place for a child, the party travels back to the Fortress before continuing onwards. Finbar wearing a newly acquired chain shirt, thought fondly of the epic chase that could have been.


Finbar ever loves “the squeal of a piglet”! ;)

Farms and a Wrecking Ball
twiggyleaf Dragathorian

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