The Long Road of Power

An ill fated caravan - Part 3

Fort and the woods.

One patch job and four days later the caravan arrived at the Fort, a small rest and gathering village with walls extending arround the full village to keep the predators at bay, both animal and human.
Varic had a few days earlier created, by mixing tako bell mushrooms with kraken petals he unintentionally created a hallucinogenic  moonshine. Unsurprisingly this sold exceedingly well. Catheshal worked the merchants within the village for an increased yield of gold and better prices for the herbs bought to sell to the next city. Much to Master Gavi’s chargon she also convinced a number of the men to buy scented soap and razer sheets. Something along the lines of ‘bloody women, emasculating, and unnatural could be heard following him around the rest if the day. Harkon was restless, it was time to answer his calling so he sought out the Leader of the village and inquired about any judgements requiring his gods attention. He was informed that this far in the wilderness they took care of their own, but there was a reward for any information about three missing caravans in the Spot the next town along the road just outside the forests. Finbar Garess a man ready  and willing to sample the worlds many gifts. So as any self respecting dwarf would, his first port off call was the Open Croft tavern to simple the world in a good sturdy tankard. The Einstök berry ale was too sweet for a discerning palate such as his, what he wouldn’t give for some Cheerful Delver Stout, it’s rich earthy flavours, the slight bitter undertone. Wistfully ordered another pint. Taur uin Taur purchased a half loaf and honey, carefully laying these out for any passing forest fay just past the treeline. The weasel not ten minutes later thoroughly enjoyed this offering.
A day was spent within the Fort for rest and necessary repairs needed to the travel worn caravans. The next morning the caravan moved onwards toward the end of its journey.


twiggyleaf Dragathorian

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