The long Road of Power

Power, some long for it; the lustful, will even sell their souls for just one, delicious, tantalising taste. Others, the unlucky, have it thrust upon them, whether they want it or not. Wearing it like an ill fitting tunic till it either consumes them or they adapt. Then there are the dreamers, with their grand plans and soaring expectations of the world around them. Only a darker and crueller fate usually meets them at the end of the road. With only the destined and truly stubborn reaping the rewards at the other side. Finally there are the lucky, with either fate or the Gods on their side, but luck is a fickle mistress can you truly rely on her?

So are you filled with desire. Plagued with Misfortune. Driven by Fantasy. Or do you simply roll the dice and hope for divine providence.

The Long Road of Power is a slippery slop, a treacherous friend, a jilted lover, chasms surround you and only danger lies ahead. Do you follow this path? Shall you lay down and die without accomplishing anything or will you find a new path? One that you never new existed or created yourself. The world is full of endless possibility all you need do is reach out and shape it for your own. (Exert from ‘A demigods views’, by an unknown author, 1687qc)

Nine months ago a group of travelers signed on to a caravan in various positions, on a routine trip, traveling through through the Kingdom of Veldenhalm with individual plans to return to Golarion.

Catheshal, a young beautiful, charming woman hired as a ‘Face of Eden’ (the title given to the primary negotiator of any caravan).

Finbar Garess, a gruff man of few words, hired as a scout to help ensure the safety of the traveling group.

Harkon Pegason, a traveling magistrate of Eristil, hired as a guard to help ensure the security of the merchandise being hauled.

Taur uin Taur, a peculiar, hyperactive gnome with a giant weasel constantly at his heels, taken as a guide for the denser, darker forests the caravan would need to pass through.

Varik, a strange eleven herbalist given control of the weed wagon, creating strange medicinal poultices to peddle in their travels.

Fate, however, was not on their side, with dangers encroaching from every side and increasing rapidly every day. One unfortunate day the caravan was ambushed by a Knight in Black Platemail and an immensely Fat Man on a floating golden thrown and slaughtered to a man. Later to be resurrected and landed with the full dept of a True Resurrection each by one John Aurelius Kazemier.

To pay off their debt the group was then put to work restoring the security of the western border fort of Veldenhalm. Now overrun with corruption and monsters due to the despicable practices of the Arch Duke in charge of the western Provence the grueling nine months dragged onward.

Now secure and with a group of HellKnights: Order of Vice now taking over control, the party has been informed that their debt is payed. Now free they have been informed of a lucrative upcoming opportunity for taming and potentially claiming a swath of land called The Greenbelt. Now able to take control of their actions again the party is now deciding whether to take advantage of this opportunity or too go their own separate ways again.

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The Long Road of Power

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